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beach voodoo

Every once in awhile, I come across some strange things that are either left or washed ashore on the beach.  This particular stone and feather construction might be one of the weirdest yet.  It’s possible that it’s the work of some creative kids.  However, my guess is that it’s more likely some type of sacred voodoo ritual involving a seagull.

biomedical wasteThis bright yellow biomedical waste bucket caught my eye as it lay half buried in a sand dune in the salt marsh.  I didn’t realize what was written on it until after I had pulled it out of the wet sand and was already carrying it towards the garbage can along the trail.

When I found it I did notice that the bottom of the bucket had some holes pierced into it and a heavy rock was placed inside it.  Someone probably tried to sink it from a boat.

I called the number shown and the people there were fairly clueless as to how the bucket might have made its way into the salt marsh.  Was it stolen from their warehouse and used to carry clams?  I just hope it was empty when it arrived in the marsh and was never used for its intended purpose.

yellow boat

Why would anyone abandon a boat on a beach?  I would assume this one had some value when it first washed ashore.  Whatever happened to the people or person who rowed it there?  Or was it set adrift?  This yellow dory is located towards the end of Silver Sands beach.  Do the ghosts of pirates row around in it for fun on nights when there’s a full moon?

I’m sure stranger things have been found along local beaches, but along with the yellow long stemmed roses I wrote about last week, these are the oddest I’ve found to date.  Have you ever found anything unusual at the beach?

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