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Battle with unconditioned breath the unconditioned air. Shun electric wire. Communicate slowly. Live a three-dimensional life; stay away from screens.
— Wendell Berry

The more I write about nature while sitting at a computer, the more ridiculous it feels to write about nature while sitting at a computer.  Especially in summer, the wild spaces beckon and it’s difficult to resist the call.   If one is to sing like the grasshopper in summer, the time to do it is now. 

The very ‘nature’ of nature calls one out to wild spaces.  We are three dimensional beings living in a three dimensional world.  This reality becomes clearer the more time we spend outdoors.  Virtual worlds pale in comparison. 

Taste a wild berry right off the vine and immediately all five senses are engaged.  Each fresh berry consumed outdoors seems to act as a magic potion that makes one forget the indoors, technology and all other commitments.  Sparkling waters, singing birds and buzzing bees have a similar enchanting effect.

Each new electric wire that’s erected by the power company seems more and more to desecrate the blue sky.   Do so few people complain about the altered view because they’re so busy keeping their heads down… texting… driving… living in virtual worlds?

I don’t have any answers.  Just more questions.


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