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A Lobster Trap Washed Ashore at Silver Sands Beach

Single or stacked, lobster traps are a common sight in Nova Scotia.  They can be found in boats, stacked on wharves or in residential driveways.  I’ve often seen them sitting bashed up on the seashore or sometimes in the woods.  A few homeowners use them as yard decorations.  They are a frequent reminder of the lobster industry in Nova Scotia, a sector that is suffering these days due to low prices at the market.  Stocks are full and demand is low. 

lobsterOne result of the current recession (or depression, depending on your personal situation) is that people are buying fewer luxury items.  Unfortunately for lobster fishermen, their catch is considered in that category.  But lobsters weren’t always considered a luxury item on the menu.

Along with crabs, lobsters are known as ‘bottom feeders,’ animals that survive by consuming the worst of what’s sitting on the ocean floor.  Prior to the mid 1800s, eating lobster was considered a mark of poverty in North America.  Muslims and Jews have also always refrained from its consumption for religious reasons.

These days, if you do love to eat lobster, it can be purchased for a price comparable to that of baloney at the supermarket.  I haven’t seen lobster prices that low at Sobey’s since the 1980s.

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