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waves after bill

Waves are still high this morning even though Hurricane Bill left our waters yesterday as a category 1 hurricane.  Damage was minimal compared to the havoc created by Hurricane Juan in 2003.


Seaweed litters the beach and is still being brought in by the increased wave action.

flying insects on beach

Swarms of flying insects hover around Rainbow Haven Beach.  Mosquitoes often multiply after hurricanes due to the increased presence of standing water.  Elsewhere in Cow Bay, swarms of surfers are heading out to catch the waves.

Bird and squirrel activity appeared to be back to normal after the tremendous downpouring of rain.  The forest floor is covered with leaves shaken off the trees.  Only some standing dead wood seems to have been brought down by the wild winds.

leaves on forest floor

It could have been so much worse.  And for that Nova Scotians are all breathing a sigh of relief.

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