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pre-dawn moon

In order to see the sun rise you have to set out while it is still dark. The air will be still and cool.  There may be birds greeting one another, but their calls will quickly fade into a hush along with the sound of your footsteps as you begin your walk.   The sky may be a deep blue if it’s clear, or a misty blue if it’s hazy…

moon and mist

The anticipation of seeing the sun rise will block out all other thoughts in these pre-dawn minutes.  At no other time of day is it so easy to be ‘in the moment.’

before sunrise

Whether you are looking towards the east from an ocean shore, the woods or a hilltop, the instant the sun kisses the horizon and awakens the day, you’ll feel a part of something bigger than yourself, your daily concerns and your dreams.

sunrise along the salt marsh trail

It is necessary for me to see the first point of light which begins to be dawn.  It is necessary to be present alone at the resurrection of Day, in the blank silence when the sun appears.  In this completely neutral instant I receive from the Eastern woods, the tall oaks, the one word ‘Day,’ which is never the same.  It is never spoken in any known language.

~ Thomas Merton from Day of a Stranger

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rainbow haven boardwalk

This empty boardwalk should be teeming with sun seekers dressed in bathing suits, eating ice cream cones, carrying beach chairs or picnic baskets and heading out for a sunny day at the beach. Where are they? 

mussel bed at rainbow haven

During the summer, this blue mussel bed at Rainbow Haven Beach is usually a magnet for children looking for crabs at low tide.  It too is desolate. 

Although we’re already well into July, endless weeks of rain and cooler than seasonal temperatures have made Nova Scotians feel like we have yet to experience summer this year.  Our winters can be quite harsh with lots of ice, snow and cold, but our wonderful summers usually make them somewhat tolerable. 


Somewhere, beyond the fog and clouds, I know there are blue skies and the sun is shining brightly.  Maturing robins are looking for worms in the lawn, wild flowers are blooming and the grass is growing, carrying on as though it is indeed summer.  They don’t seem to need to see blue skies and experience soaring temperatures in order to go about their summer business.  Maybe we should be more trusting too.  Hopefully this week’s forecast for sunnier skies will give us all something to smile about.

clouds and sky

The blue of heaven is larger than the clouds.

~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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