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Every once in awhile, seagulls will sweep in for a visit to my backyard.  Compared to the songbirds that normally hang out at my feeder, these seagulls are huge.  Wingspans are a minimum 2-3 feet across. They always look bigger up close. Their brilliant white feathers glisten in the sunshine and their light eyes are keen and alert.   Their bright yellow beaks and feet contrast sharply with everything else in the woodland environment.

Seagulls have the advantage of being able to drink both fresh and salt water. They don’t mind what’s on the menu either. However, they only show up in my yard if I throw out bread crusts that are large enough to be spotted from their flying altitude. 

Although they’re quite attractive birds up close, regular visits from them are not to be encouraged. They can be VERY aggressive to both other animals and humans. Around homes where there’s a constant availability of large crusts, they’ll gather in larger numbers and roost on a nearby roof , leaving a terrible mess.  They’re best appreciated at the seashore.

An excellent place to see large numbers of seagulls in Cow Bay is towards the end of Silver Sands beach.  Their favorite gathering spots are clearly marked on the sand and rocks. Leave your bread crumbs at home.

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