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snowy apparition

In the early morning light, seemingly white glowing forms consult with one another on the front lawn.  Are they extra-terrestrial beings, come to gather information about life here around Flandrum Hill?  Or are they displaced apparitions, caught between dimensions due to an anomaly in the space-time continuum?

snow remnants

Upon closer inspection, their true nature is revealed.  Who would have thought the remains of snow could have appeared so other-worldly?

remains of snow

While most of the snow from last week’s snowstorm has melted, the remnants of a large snow tower built on the front lawn have survived.   Warm temperatures weren’t enough to melt such a large heap of snow, especially one placed in the  shadow of the house for most of the day.  Up close, the snow reveals debris acquired both from the lawn when large snowballs were rolled to create it, and from a windstorm days later.

debris in snow

Haunting silhouettes formed in the negative spaces make these ruins more interesting in their decaying form than they ever were as a tower of snow.

negative silhouette in snow

Once the sun rises on Sunday, the ruins will be covered with a fresh layer of snow along with the rest of the lawn.  They’ll no longer stand out in the landscape.  One of snow’s most magical qualities is that it is so ephemeral.  Except of course when you’re shoveling it!

Text and photographs copyright Amy-Lynn Bell 2013



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mooseA lonely moose is all that remains of several sculptures of large animals that once stood overlooking Silver Sands beach.  He’s fairly well known in this neck of the woods and beyond.  I first heard of him when I was still living in British Columbia, on the other side of the continent.

Many people wonder why we have a bull moose instead of a cow in Cow Bay.  The ‘Cow’ in Cow Bay actually comes from the name of Robert Cowie, who once owned much of the land in the area.

I’ve never seen a moose in Nova Scotia, though I have seen one standing in a bog on the side of a road in Quebec.  They are amazingly large creatures.  Vehicle collisions with moose are often deadly for both the animal and driver.  Caution must be exercised while driving at dusk and dawn through wooded areas where they are known to roam.

cow bay moose

Moose hunting licenses in Nova Scotia are awarded through lotteries.  This past year, only 336 tags were awarded out of 10,000 tickets purchased.  Many non-hunters purchase tickets in order to tie up tags, which has lead to quite a kerffufle in the hunting community.

Swedes are the most enthusiastic hunters of moose in the world.  The moose population in Sweden reaches over 300,000 during the summer months.  Each fall, both men and women legally hunt and kill a third of that number of moose.  That is a lot of moose meat. 

Years ago, when one of my nephews visited from Ontario, I took him out towards Silver Sands beach early one foggy evening.  Since his side of the family are keen deer and moose hunters, I knew he’d be more than a little excited when I told him there was a moose that was sometimes spotted in the area.  His sharp eyes were the first to spot it in the mist…

Photo credits:  Jeremiah Bell

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