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The weather has been warm enough for the periwinkle fairy to do his magic.  Periwinkle flowers  are in bloom on the east side of the house.  Though some leaves die from year to year, the majority remain evergreen.  Thankfully they aren’t appetizing to slugs, so they’re content to grow among dead ivy leaves until I can get in there and clean up the bed.

periwinkle fairyI was first introduced to periwinkles on a visit to the Royal Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, a settlement established by Samuel de Champlain in 1605.  The flower is also known as Myrtle and is a North American native.  It has many uses in folk medicine.

Periwinkle is also a shade of blue that’s leaning towards violet, similar to lavender blue.  According to Crayola, its personality traits are serenity, purity and infinity. 

The image at left was taken from a tiny book called Flower Fairies of the Garden that I’ve had since the 1970s.  It contains poems and pictures by Cicely Mary Barker.  A beautiful website featuring all of Cicely’s fairies can be found at www.flowerfairies.com

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