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horses in cow bay 2

It seems like a long time since there have been horses in Cow Bay.  It’s nice to see that we have them in our midst again.    Almost twenty years ago, it wasn’t unusual to come across tracks made by horses’ hooves along the trails in the woods or see young women riding horses along the side of the road.   At the time, local resident Evelyn Ramey was the only female blacksmith shoeing horses in the Maritimes.  She taught horseback riding to 4H members in Eastern Passage.

horses in cow bay

These large mammals are both expensive and time consuming to raise and maintain.  Their disappearance from the landscape has been fairly quick.  I wonder how many horses lived in Cow Bay just before motor cars were introduced.  Back then,  farmers in the area probably depended on them for farming practices and for transporting their produce to Halifax markets.
grounds in cow bay

Years ago I heard about a cemetery off Autumn Drive, where horses were once buried.  Every community must have had such a place to lay to rest creatures that lived their lives serving people side by side.  Cow Bay would have been no different.  Now, most of the lots on that street have been developed.   Only the odd lot, such as the one pictured above, doesn’t have a house sitting on it yet.  Whether the cemetery was near the present road or a distance from it, is unknown.  Much of the nearby area is boggy.

These days it’s nice to once again see people riding or walking next to horses along the road and see horses grazing in the fields.

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.

~ Winston Churchill

Photo Credits:  Jeremiah Bell

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