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Whether experienced outdoors or seen through a window, fog’s softening effect brings a sense of cosiness to Nova Scotia in springtime.  Fog may be dense, accompanied by drizzle or thinning to a mist.  It may arrive in the morning and dissipate by noon, or still be seen rolling down the street in wafts of whiteness at midday.  

Foggy days with reduced visibility force us to look inward.  When the path that  lies ahead and the one that lies behind us are both blurred, it makes sense to rely on our intuition for direction.  

It also helps to listen carefully.  Fog consists of tiny water droplets, which allow sound to travel more quickly.  If we would slow down and listen to what is being whispered to us in the fog, we’d gain better insight into the path before us.

The fog is rolling over the hill
Winding twining rock and rill.
Softer and kinder than the light
Takes what’s sharp and wraps it white.

I will walk down by the foggy sea
Where the rocks are weeping silently.
That love that was once so bright and bold
Has turned itself to cold.

And so I love a foggy night
I walk and walk to my heart’s delight.
The fog’s cool kiss upon my face
All sorrow will erase.

The fog is rolling over the bay
It drifts my heart so far away.
Softer and kinder than the light
Takes what’s sharp and wraps it white.

~ Rose Vaughan, Song of the Fog

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misty shore

Mist and fog are part of life in Nova Scotia.  They soften the corners and edges of things or reduce visibility to the extent that things disappear altogether.  What lingers beyond the limits of our vision is distorted and enhanced by our imagination.

Let us go in, the fog is rising.

~ Emily Dickinson

Mist is usually lower to the ground while fog is higher and denser.  Along the shore, their effects are compounded with sea spray.  Even when it’s not raining, you can get soaked just by walking through these ground-level clouds.

shore birds

It’s not unusual to see clouds run down the road.  Mist moves.  Like everything else in nature, it’s dynamic and full of surprises.  Often, blue skies and sunshine lie in wait behind the fog.  Sometimes it reveals that which is otherwise overlooked.  Here the mist betrays the outlines of spider webs on spruce trees.

misty webs

Like the darkness, fog provides a cover for predators.  A Bald Eagle looks over the salt marsh from the top of a tree.  Is its hunting ability impaired or enhanced by the fog?  Perhaps a little of both.

bald eagle

Mist is also a veil that separates the worlds of man and faerie.  It is mystery and magic itself.  Its greatest trick is in making us believe that everything is in a fog except us.  Because we can see clearly a few feet ahead of us, we surmise that we are alone in our clarity.  Yet we are just as much wrapped in fog and mist as everyone and everything else in our surroundings.

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