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Canada geese rest quietly on the water as the sun begins to rise.  It’s colder this morning than it’s been since last winter.  Some days, you can tell just by looking at the colour of the trees and the sky that you’re going to have to need mitts in order to walk outside, especially in the salt marsh, where there’s always some sort of wind.

There are no hot pinks or warm oranges in this morning’s sunrise.  Everything looks cool and barren.  Of course, nothing looks as cold as the water…

Except perhaps this poor duck…

At least someone’s sense of humour hasn’t frosted over.  Yet.   

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The path is dark as we head out towards the marsh before dawn.  A hare and porcupine share the trail ahead in the shadows. Twilight is high traffic time for nocturnal animals going home and diurnal ones just heading out for the day.

There is nothing that awakens the senses more than a spring morning’s dawn at low tide.  Shore birds are busy finding mates and breakfast.  Seagulls and Sandpipers call out to one another, announcing the discovery of crabs and other tasty morsels in shallow water.  Canada Geese and ducks are heading out early to continue their flight north.  Great Blue Herons re-acquaint themselves with the marsh after spending the winter away, while Ospreys scan the area for fish.


The sky is painted brilliant with pinks and oranges that contrast sharply with the shrinking darkness.  It lasts for but a few minutes.  And then… it’s day.

There is more day to dawn.

~ Henry David Thoreau

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