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Never mind ideal soil, ideal sun or ideal climate.  The crabapple tree is in bloom on the west side of the house.  It’s beautiful.  I didn’t plant it.  It just grew up one day just over a decade ago, next to the foundation.  I never thought it would survive there with so little rain under the overhang of the roof.  I prune it to limit its size, but otherwise just let it be.

blossomsWhat is gardening other than simply controlling what grows where and how?  These days there’s a renewed interest in native species.  Gardeners are choosing them over more exotic varieties because they require less maintenance.  They are more climate friendly, require less watering and aren’t as easily devoured by pests. What a brilliant idea!  Plant trees, shrubs and flowers that used to naturally grow in your local area before humans started intervening with their gardening practices. 

No need to go to a garden centre to purchase native plants.  Just stop mowing your lawn in select areas and it won’t be long before native species take root and start growing where their seeds have implanted themselves into the earth (with no help whatsover from human hands).  

Couldn’t this practice be applied to people as well as plants?  I wonder what would happen if humans just relaxed a bit and tried to grow where they were planted, making the most of their surroundings and learning to live within the boundaries of their present circumstances.  Imagine what could be done if all the energy that was normally directed at adapting to a strange environment was focused on simply making the most of here and now.  Maybe we’d all be in bloom.

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