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Snow covers the landscape, coating everything with blue in the early morning light.  Blue can be beautiful, but it also can also make a frigid day seem even cooler.  

With the warm, rich colours of fall a distant memory and spring still many long weeks away, it’s at this time of year that many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Less sunlight and exercise cause many to feel the winter blues.  Tiredness and lethargy make some wish they would have gone into hibernation back in the fall.  Others get downright depressed.  Children become restless too and it becomes more difficult for both young and old to focus on the task at hand. 

For people of all ages, perhaps the simplest solution to the winter blues is to go outdoors in the open air and get some exercise.  Whether you go for a short walk to the end of the driveway or a stroll around the neighborhood, breathing in the fresh air and feeling outdoor light on your face is a step in the right direction. If there are trees nearby, you’ll also benefit from the extra oxygen they expell.

If you really want to lighten your spirits, and especially those of children, you could try a winter picnic.  You don’t need to pack much.  A couple of sandwiches, cookies and something warm to drink in a thermos will do.  Bring along some seeds for any chickadees you might see flittering in the trees.

You need not stay out in the cold for long.  Being out in the natural light surrounded by trees is sure to put you in a different frame of mind.  The warmth of the indoors will seem even more enjoyable afterwards.

Now I see the secret to making the best person:  it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.
~ Walt Whitman

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The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
~ Marcel Proust

Go ahead.  Get outside. 

Find your boots, your mitts, your hat and scarf.  Never mind how cold it is.  Get out there. 

Don’t wait for warmer weather, bluer skies or windless days.  Don’t wait for an occasion when you might have more time or more enthusiasm.  Get out there now. 

So much is waiting for you to discover…  wonders made for your eyes only. 

Give up your expectations and let yourself be surprised by what nature has to offer today that it didn’t yesterday… a bluer sky or fluffier cloud layers… sparkling snow or frozen mud puddles… delicate ripples or white caps on the water.  Just get out there and see for yourself. 

No need to commit to more than ten minutes.  But chances are, you’ll get hooked and stay out for longer than you’d expect.

frozen mud puddle

Nature puts on a new show every day.  Don’t miss it!

We must not be slaves either of time or health; we cannot dispose of either as we will!  If we thought of acting only when all the conditions were favorable, we would pass our lives doing nothing; or at least we would get out of life very little of what it can give us.

Go ahead!  That is a phrase I like so much.  Even if everything is far from perfect, we must learn to say it.  And things will go ahead, since joy does not come from without or from circumstances.  Its principal source is within us.

~ A Carthusian

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Just in case you hadn’t noticed… Winter is here. It has settled into the landscape, sunk its claws into the earth and won’t be leaving any time soon.  Its presence means more clothing, more work shoveling and scraping off the vehicle, higher home heating costs and more dangerous driving conditions.

By this first day of winter, wild animals have either already migrated south or found a place in which to live out the worst of winter’s fury.  Hopefully, the geese above didn’t encounter any stormy weather in their flight south on Saturday.

Yesterday, Nova Scotia was beset by a winter storm that left many of us with the work of digging ourselves out this morning.  Many folks feel that our Nova Scotia winters are not as bad as they used to be, and that nowadays, plans are too quickly cancelled due to inclement weather.  I’m sure our perspective on the situation is likely affected by the length of our driveway and the cost of the home energy bill.

Though it’s often said that every cloud has a silver lining, sometimes golden linings are also waiting to be discovered in the harshest of situations.  Winter is not without its charm, especially during the Christmas season.  In Canada, the presence of snow at this time of year is expected, like icing on a birthday cake.  I see it as a visual reminder to slow down a bit during these dark days and to take extra care to stay warm and cozy. 

It’s no doubt the cold and darkness at this time of year that originally inspired folks in Denmark to practice hygge,  the art of creating coziness and warmth through the use of placement, lighting, and special foods and drinks enjoyed with loved ones.

One kind word can warm three winter months.
~ Japanese proverb

It wouldn’t hurt for us to all be kinder  to ourselves and one another at this time of year, if only to ease the effect of the cold.

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Canada geese rest quietly on the water as the sun begins to rise.  It’s colder this morning than it’s been since last winter.  Some days, you can tell just by looking at the colour of the trees and the sky that you’re going to have to need mitts in order to walk outside, especially in the salt marsh, where there’s always some sort of wind.

There are no hot pinks or warm oranges in this morning’s sunrise.  Everything looks cool and barren.  Of course, nothing looks as cold as the water…

Except perhaps this poor duck…

At least someone’s sense of humour hasn’t frosted over.  Yet.   

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