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Canada Day began this morning with a clear moon in a sky filled with blue.  By the time I reached Cow Bay Road, the sun was already rising over Lawrencetown. 

Once I arrived at Rainbow Haven, grey clouds were beginning to crowd out some of the blue sky.  Along with the water, they reflected the dawn beautifully.

The tide was very low, so the blue mussel bed on the beach was exposed.  From a distance, the bed looks like just a large patch of gravel on the sand, but is actually teaming with life.

Crabs, barnacles, periwinkles, dogwhelks, sea stars, blue mussels and moon snails all reside there.  They hide between and beneath the smoothly worn stones, while lying in wait for their prey or to avoid becoming prey themselves.  Rock crabs are especially talented at wedging themselves in the crevices with only their claws exposed.

Several small sea stars were present in the tidepools this morning.  They seem to be more common this year, both here and farther back in the marsh.   These purple starfish prey on the blue mussels by prying them open and inserting their stomachs inside the shells in order to feast on the contents directly.  Who would suspect these elegant creatures to have such gruesome feeding habits?

Beautiful weather on Canada Day always attracts crowds of sun seekers to Rainbow Haven beach.  Although the afternoon sun does put a sparkle on the sand and water, seeing the early morning sun at the shore puts a sparkle on my whole day. 

Happy Canada Day!

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canada day squirrel

How will the local wildlife be celebrating Canada Day 2009?   


Wild creatures make the most of each day that dawns.  Their families have lived in Canada generations longer than any of ours and could probably teach us a thing or two about how to celebrate the land.  They don’t care who owns the territory they live on or how it’s administered politically.  We humans care so much more about ownership and nationalities, often to the point of being as ridiculous as fleas arguing over which one of them owns the dog. 


Around the world, our country is known for its vast wilderness and beauty.  If we really wanted to celebrate Canada, we’d take this day to savour and enjoy the  brightest blooms of summer, its greenest leaves and its tallest trees.  We’d get up early to watch the sun rise over the vast landscape and take time at the end of the day to watch it set.  We’d spend as much time as possible outdoors, feeling the coolness of the grass beneath our feet and the sunshine or rain on our faces.  We’d splash around in lakes and sink our toes into the sand on the beaches along our coasts.  Only then would we realize that it is not us who have a hold on the land, but rather that it is the land that has a hold on us.


Remember, you belong to Nature, not it to you.

~ Grey Owl

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